4 tips for singles on Valentine’s Day

4 tips for singles on Valentine’s Day

Single for Valentine’s Day The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, but you may not be looking forward to it this year. Perhaps your relationship has recently broken down or you simply haven’t met your soulmate yet. We know Valentine's Day can be uncomfortable when you're single, but would like to give you some practical tips to make the day special even if you don't have a romantic love to share it with.


Tip #1: Spend the day with your friends

Friends are worth their weight on gold! Whether things are going well or life is throwing you curve balls, they’re the ones we turn to. Why not organise something fun with all of your (single) friends? Turn it into a celebration of your friendship and share love this way instead. Did you know that in Finland, 14 February is a day dedicated to friends? It’s called Ystävänpäivä, and Finns usually exchange gifts with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

Tip #2: Pamper yourself

Between studying, work, home and family, everyday life can be hectic. Single Valentine's Day can be a time to take a break and put yourself first with a special treat, such as an appointment at the hairdresser's or beautician's, a trip to the spa, a weekend away... Choose something that makes you feel good and puts you in a state of complete relaxation.

Tip #3: Treat yourself

Do you really need an excuse to treat yourself? Maybe not, but if you're looking for one, Valentine's Day may be the perfect time! After all, on this romantic day, everyone receives and gives gifts. Treat yourself to that one gift you've had in your shopping cart for months.

Tip #4: Surprise someone you love

You may not have a romantic love in your life, but that doesn't mean you can't surprise someone else who’s special to you! A close friend, your lovely mum or a work colleague who is always there in times of need. Go for a card with a sweet message or delicious chocolate bar.

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