Eatables & Fillings

The idea of gifting is to create excitement among target audiences. A gift inside the box is a mystery and a winning assortment from Pink Ladoo provides “Perfect Reasons to Relish”.

We have more than 100 in products from various categories like:-

  • Exclusive Nuts
  • Frumonds
  • Seeds
  • Healthy Sweets
  • De hydrated Fruits & Berries
  • Choceets
  • Exotique Dates


We are artisan of healthy and nutritious nuts using the finest and natural ingredients.

Spicy Nuts – Imagine a coating of true Italian Pizza Seasoning on Cashew (Pizzashew- popularly known as world’s smallest Pizza), or Rose petals enrobed on cashew.

Such never seen before varieties excel in the expectations.


Seeds are truly a super food, as they are packed with an impressive list of nutritional attributes. Suddenly, seeds are everywhere—beverages, bars, you name it. And we are determine to bring better “Reasons to Relish” as great snacking options with variety of taste.

Great options like – Tangy Pumpkin, Honey Sesame Pumpkin, Asafetida Sunflower Seeds, Trial Mix, Antioxidants mix and many more.

Healthy Sweets

Every auspicious beginning needs sweet to start with and what else someone can desire if it is Guilt Free sweet

No usage of artificial sugar, synthetic colors or essences.

Sweets which contains 7 vitamins and 11 minerals.

And taste which you will die for.

More than 100 assortments to choose for.


A real fruits pulp coated on roasted almonds. A mesmerized experience leaves long lasting impression.

Fruits used – Pineapple, Orange, Black Current berries, Peach, Mango

And many more

Dehydrated Fruits & Berries

World’s best berries and fruits in de hydrated form with value addition of mixtures, spices and pinch of tanginess.

A must try “Naughty fruits and Raunchy Pineapple”.


Sweets enrobed with premium quality of chocolates with various flavors and presentation. Again no usage of artificial sugar. More than 100 varieties to offer.

Exotique Date

Most exotic dates from various origins like South Africa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE etc.

Dates popularly known as “God’s own Fruits’” just not only offers various health reasons but also have most natural and perfect reasons to relish.

We innovate the naturalness and goodness of Dates with various forms, shapes to add more excitement and to be a part of creating the most winning assortments.